2017 Uncensored

The annual review is once again upon us of the fun, the unposed, the humorous & the interesting photos of the past year. Numerous family gatherings occurred throughout the year but by far the biggest event was the wedding of my niece Sam to Tom

Other adventures to Mexico & the Bahamas brought opportunities for some fun photos as well  And when you live in the Pacific Northwest, you can’t help but share the vast beauty with those who come to visit.But as is usual, just the ordinary opportunities provided moments to catch a glimpse of everyday life & also the people of my life that I’m blessed to call friends & family.  

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3 thoughts on “2017 Uncensored

  1. Carol Graf-Mock on said:

    Love keeping in touch with your family via facebook – if not face-to-face. Happy New Year!

  2. Great photos! Especially that handsome guy with the had! : – )

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